Frequently asked questions

1. How long till I receive my lenses?

We have teamed up with manufacturers to ship your lenses the fastest possible. However, due to a huge power range for products, please expect your order to be right at your door within 2-7 business days. In order to put your mind at ease, our customer service team will reach out if needed on all the details!

2. How to find my prescription?

If you do not have the written prescription provided by your eye care professional, you can check out the side of the latest box you have purchased

3. What if I did an error while entering my prescription details?

No worries at all. One of our people will be contacting you to verify your prescription and order.

4. What if my prescription changes?

You can edit your prescription when you sign up.

5. I wear glasses, can you help?

We thought you’d never ask! Our eye care professionals are always at your service. Drop us an email or call us and we will share with you the process!