Contact lenses Myths

contact lens

1. Contact lenses can get lost in the eye

No! The conjunctiva is a thin membrane that covers the white of your eye and attaches to the inside of your eyelids, making it difficult for a contact lens to become lost behind your eye.

2. Buying contact lenses online is not safe

It makes no difference whether we buy them online or in a retail store as long as we acquire them from reputable merchants like Lensbooking. It’s best to conduct some research and read reviews before making a purchase. Some merchants and internet stores may even be recommended by eye care professionals.

3. Contact Lenses are not safe to wear 

Contact lenses are quite safe. Even so, using contact lenses might harm your eyes if you wear them for an extended period of time, do not properly clean them, or do not change them as prescribed by your eye doctor.

4. You can sleep with the contact lenses on.

Sleeping with your contact lenses on increases your chances of getting an eye infection by six to eight times. Severe eye infections can result in corneal damage, surgery, and, in rare circumstances, vision loss.

5. You can clean a contact lens with normal water.

This is absolutely not the case. Even though the water is clean enough to drink, it may include bacteria that are damaging to our eyes. This is another reason why eye care professionals urge us to remove our contact lenses before showering or swimming. 

The contact lens solution is specially formulated to disinfect and clean the lenses. It is best to strictly adhere to all contact lens usage instructions and clean them exclusively with prescribed solutions.

6. Contact Lenses Have the Potential to Fall Out of My Eye

While some people believe that contacts might become caught behind the eyes, others say that they can simply slide off. As previously said, contact lenses were produced of more robust materials a few years ago. As a result, they were more prone to sliding off when jogging or other activities that needed a lot of movement. Contact lenses are now engineered to suit the curvature of the eyes, making them highly unlikely to fall out. They might just shift a little inside our eyes, which we can correct by blinking a few times or manipulating them with our fingers.

7. Contact lenses need a lot of maintenance

Many of us continue to wear glasses because we believe they are difficult to store and maintain. They are not as difficult to maintain as we believe. Our opticians will offer us detailed advice on how to care for them. Simply follow these directions, and everything will be fine. And, as previously noted, if we’re not interested in cleaning and preserving them properly on a regular basis, we could simply acquire some disposable contacts.

8. Contact lenses are costly.

This may have been true a few years ago. When contact lenses were first introduced and many did not choose to buy them, they were a bit pricey. That is no longer the case. They are now as affordable as spectacles, and internet sales are much less expensive. Lensbooking always provides you with the best and most affordable contact lenses online UAE.

That takes us to the conclusion of today’s article. We hope that these points have provided you with some insight into the real use of contact lenses. Rather than believing misconceptions, we should always do research and seek guidance from specialists.