How to choose the right colored contact lenses?

colored contact lenses

Contacts have become increasingly popular over the past few years and for good reason. They’re a great alternative to wearing full reading glasses or expensive contacts lenses. There’s something about contacts that just feels so freeing and fun. It’s like you’re wearing new eyes. And if you want to be even more fabulous they come […]

5 Tips to relieve computer vision syndrome

5 Tips to relieve computer vision syndrome

Everyone nowadays appears to be looking at a computer screen, phone, or other digital gadgets, which is producing a major condition known as digital eye strain. Eye tiredness and discomfort, dry eyes, headaches, impaired vision, neck and shoulder pain, eye twitching, and red eyes are all symptoms of computer vision syndrome. Here are some simple […]

Are contact lens & glass prescriptions the same?

contact lens & glass

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The best-colored contact lenses for Eid

color contact lens

Eid is almost approaching, and it is the ideal time for family reunions and spending quality time with your loved ones. While you’re busy picking out the right clothing for Eid, you may enhance your everyday appearance with different hues of the premium colored contact lenses: COLORVISION. They are the crème de la crème of […]

ThinOptics: The Reading Glasses we all need

Reading Glasses

Wouldn’t you agree that being an adult consists primarily of traveling places and reading things? That’s why these ThinOptics Readers + Black Keychain Case are so useful: no matter where you go or what you read when you get there, having your keys and reading glasses with you is essential.

How do colored contact lenses work?

Clear contact lenses and colored contact lenses both function in the same way. They float on your eye’s tear film, allowing it to move naturally with your eye. There is little distinction. The colored portion of the lenses covers the Iris, which is the pigmented region of the eye. The contact lens’ clear area is assured to be centered on the pupil allowing perfect vision.